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Na Glass South America, Gemata Rollmac apresenta SPRAYGLASS, a nova máquina de spray para a pintura da superfície de placas de vidros planos: completamente automática e controlada por CLP, a máquina é equipada com um sistema de troca rápida de tinta, com filtro de ar e possibilidade de trabalhar com qualquer tipo de tinta (solvente […]


Forel, founded in 1976 by Fortunato Vianello, is based in Vallio di Roncade, Italy. The company designs and manufactures advanced equipment for the flat and insulated glass industry. With extensive expertise and intellectual property, Forel provides innovative machinery and solutions to meet global customer needs, staying at the forefront of technological advancements in glass manufacturing. […]


Triulzi Cesare Special Eq. srl é um fabricante italiano de máquinas para limpeza e processamento de vidros com soluções inovadoras e de alta qualidade no setor automotivo, arquitetônico, solar. Equipamentos desenvolvidos sob medida para atender às necessidades específicas para agilizar processos de limpeza de vidros com qualidade excepcionais. Principais recursos: tecnologia de limpeza avançada, opções […]


We know glass, we love glass.Bottero S.p.A. is the only company worldwide engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing equipments for both Flat and Hollow Glass.Thanks to its uniqueness, we have been helping to shape one of the most beautiful and useful materials in the world for over 60 years: the glass. lts unique qualities, combined with […]


Macotec has been designing, building, and installing automatic machines and plants for float and laminated flat glass cutting since 1997. MACOTEC is now a solid and appreciated international company that has always stood out thanks to its product specialisation, guaranteeing a supply of machinery equipped with the most up-to-date components and technology. Our operational headquarters […]


GOLIVE is a program design, equipment manufacturing and system integration service provider for glass deep processing. It aims to develop storage, edging , cleaning , testing , chip optimization, handling and transmission technology for building glass, solar glass, industrial glass overall solutions and project implementation for the top level of glass deep processing industry. ESTANDE: […]

Shanghai Precision Dosing & Weighing System Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Precision Dosing and Weighing System Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and fabrication of raw material handling system and equipment for the glass industry. We design different types of batch house such as inline and tower, supply equipment for storage, weighing, mixing, transportation, de-dusting, crushing, screening, etc., and provide comprehensive solutions for plant engineering, […]

Landglass Technology Co., LTD.

Landglass offers Cyclone™ Series Glass Tempering Furnaces,UltraJet™ Series Glass Tempering Furnaces,JetConvection™ Series Glass Tempering Furnaces as well as LandTiger™ Smart Factory solutions. ESTANDE: O071