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We know glass, we love glass.
Bottero S.p.A. is the only company worldwide engineering, manufacturing, installing and servicing equipments for both Flat and Hollow Glass.
Thanks to its uniqueness, we have been helping to shape one of the most beautiful and useful materials in the world for over 60 years: the glass. lts unique qualities, combined with the passion tor technology and innovation, guide us in seeking for newer and more effective solutions to improve and expand its use.

Estande: M04

Discover More… Productivity and flexibility at the highest levels 548LAM represents the point of reference in the cutting systems of laminated glass and it is available in a stand-alone version and a dual-line combined with a monolithic cutting table (BKM, BCS and EVO ranges). The 548LAM contains various levels of automization that is able to manage fully automatic, complex optimizations with X, Y, Z and W cuts on float glass and low-E; up to 12 + 12mm of thickness.
Discover More… Practically perfect in every situation Pratica Plus is the CNC workcentre by Bottero available in 3000 and 4000mm sizes with 3 or 4 axes. It can support a high number of processing operations in a flexible and qualitatively exemplary way, such as straight and shape cutting, drilling, grinding, bevelling, writing, engraving and much more. The ease and intuitiveness of the software represents a strong point for these machines that can be used in any advanced glass factory.
Discover More… Flexible by vocation, extremely efficient by nature Flex-Edge represents the first and unique platform for glass edging configurable in a wide range of glass sizes. Customer can choose their spindle configuration having the possibility to accommodate up to 17 spindles on each side including the numerically controlled finishing unit. The extreme versatility of the product is demonstrated by the possibility to insert pencil and flat edge processing opportunities on the same machine.
Discover More… The highest productivity and quality standards in the industry BCS tables are designed to withstand the high workloads typically adopted during single or multiple-shift production of windows and panels in the furniture sector or components for household appliances in the automotive industry and in many other areas. BCS cutting tables are among the most popular and sought-after in the world and they represent a major benchmark in terms of production capacity and reliability.