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Forel, founded in 1976 by Fortunato Vianello, is based in Vallio di Roncade, Italy. The company designs and manufactures advanced equipment for the flat and insulated glass industry. With extensive expertise and intellectual property, Forel provides innovative machinery and solutions to meet global customer needs, staying at the forefront of technological advancements in glass manufacturing.

Estande: L040

Enriched with specific features to guarantee precision and stability, the vertical drilling and milling machine Art. DM represents an irreplaceable resource, both for the “”stand alone”” use and in line with a edging machine Art. EM.
The Art. EM edging machine, one of the most appreciated of the Forel range, is a solution for the edge processing of monolithic and laminated glass sheets. It can be used in a line for insulating glass, as an edging line, to feed a tempering oven or even “”stand alone””.
The new Art. TA applicator has been developed to position the spacer profile with extreme precision while offering the perfect response to the needs of the industry in terms of productivity and ease of use.
The Forel thermoplastic IG line guarantees a high output, user-friendly system and quality assured without doubt. It also reduces manpower whilst improving thermal performance.