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Macotec has been designing, building, and installing automatic machines and plants for float and laminated flat glass cutting since 1997. MACOTEC is now a solid and appreciated international company that has always stood out thanks to its product specialisation, guaranteeing a supply of machinery equipped with the most up-to-date components and technology. Our operational headquarters is in Rogolo, Sondrio, northern Italy with 15000 m2 production area.

Estande: N025

Automatic table for shape cutting float glass is the state-of-the art of glass cutting technology available today: excellent performance, compact dimensions and exceptionally quiet operation thanks to the aluminium cutting bridge, racks with inclined teeth and prismatic recirculating ball guides for the movement of the cutting carriage.
Manual loading of the glass sheet is extremely simple thanks to the tilting forks which have automatic lifting and lowering support feet.
Automatic table for cutting laminated glass has fast cutting cycles and allow to perform sequential engraving of Z-level cuts before rotating the crossbeam. With additional heating lamp positioned at the end of the line, allows to achieve unparalleled productivity. It has automatic laminated glass separation control that activates the PVB cutting blade only when the glass has been separated. laminated glass separation is achieved by means of controlled axis driven by brushless motor.
Automatic lines for loading cutting breakout of monolithic glass which means they can be configured according to production and logistic requirements. Cutting tables are equipped with belts to automatically transport glass sheets and achieve high performance thanks to the aluminium bridge, racks with inclined teeth, prismatic recirculating ball guides for the movement of the carriage. They can be equipped with grinding wheel edge deletion of Low-E glass and TPF or Easy-Pro protective coating.
Automatic overhead crane to pick up Float/Lami glass sheets from racks (A-L-shaped) or from automatic classifiers before transferring them to tilt tables to transfer to one or more cutting lines. Dynamic automatic overhead crane features an innovative combination: •
reaching sheet pick-up position by travelling overhead to the glass warehouse •
loading jumbo sheets, half sheets or residuals •
loading smaller sheets side by side on the same stand and arranged in packs with different depths.