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Lattuada is globally known and established today for state-of-the-art glass edging machines manufacturing. Custom solutions, precision, components quality, continuous service and constant research and development, make Lattuada a top player in the glass industry. Lattuada bevellers, washing machines and robotic lines have the same quality standards that have ensured the success of our edging machines, with the absolute guarantee of top performance and tangible results.


Vertical straight edgers As our core-business since our foundation, the Lattuada’s offering includes more than 40 models of straight-line edging machines which come in several different configurations, and straight-line bevelling machines suitable to meet any production need. Lattuada is today one of the world leaders in top-quality glass edging technology.
Lattuada Robotic lines represent a solution to an increasingly common need: to fully automate glass edging but flexibly and with high productivity. Our lines consists of one or more full-automatic edging machines in line with Kuka robotic systems which can be configured in order to exactly meet our customer’s needs. Thanks to the Lattuada-Knittel Glas synergy, which with over 20 years of experience in robotics applied to flat glass, is the absolute most advanced and reliable solution on the market.
Vertical washing machines Lattuada washing machines can be integrated with different machines, such as vertical grinding, drilling and milling lines as well as CNC machines. They differ in terms of the useful washing height, number of brushes and total loadable weights. The machine body and all parts exposed to contact with water are made of stainless steel or stainless materials.