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Glass Company S.r.l., is well-known as quality, technology, research, and innovation, specialized in laser cutting, drilling, sandblasting, engraving and ablation as well as in systems for the fire-resistant glass production. Professional advice, machinery and special products development are the Company strengths and of our engineering team which supports the customer from the design phase to the installation and subsequent maintenance of the proposed solution.


FIRE RESISTANT GLASS PRODUCTION SYSTEM Our Fire resistant glass production equipment allow to produce EI class intumescent fire resistant glass, a laminated product made up of alternating layers of glass and intumescent super transparent silica dispersion (gel type). By the temperature increasing the gel becomes more opaque and intumescent to form a thermal insulation, a radiation-proof barrier to protect people from flames, smoke and any kind of toxic gas coming from the fire.
LaserMek, this is the name of the machines family equipped with a fibre or other laser source, specially developed for the glass sector, are ideal for ablation and engraving of any type of coating, leaving the glass completely transparent or with a translucent effect, and can opacify the mirror in various shapes and designs. The laser machine with picosecond source can cut and drill glass in any geometric shape with thicknesses from 1 mm to 15 mm.
Leading technology, suited to solve specific problems in the application of different coating types and adhesives on flat glass and for the “sandwich” composition with other technical materials. Improved adhesion and optical properties of glass, reduced surface tension, non-polluting – these are just a few of plasma glass treatment advantages, which makes it indispensable in various industries, including automotive, electronics, construction, optics, etc.
Advanced machinery for the manufacturing of glass spacers for IG units used in refrigeration equipment. Our equipment allows for the creation and assembly of glass spacers that enhance visibility and aesthetics of refrigerator contents. These spacers ensure a clear and orderly view of products, making the items in the refrigerator more attractive. With our solutions, we optimize the production and energy efficiency of refrigeration units, offering added value both functionally and aesthetically.