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Chromatech Ultra Made of hard plastic and a stainless steel structure, Chromatech Ultra is an innovative warm edge system for IG units, a groundbreaking solution for the most demanding energy efficiency needs, thanks to its very good –
Bending capabilities, ease of use, ad workability; –
Durability, resistance, rigidity, and high frame stability; –
Adaptability to any window design; –
Insulating performance, due to its low thermal conductivity.
Multitech G Its reinforced polymer and metalized multilayer gas barrier foil make Multitech G one of the warm edge spacer for IG units with the best linear thermal transmittance performance on the market, This spacer bar is also very stable, resistant and rigid.
Thermix TX Pro This modern warm edge spacer for IG units is made of a particular technopolymer, two highly resistant stainless steel wires, and a very thin stainless steel foil that stops gas and helps sealant adhesion. It can also be bent using any bending machine and is available in different colors to meet any design needs.